Captain Hooter’s Connoisseur’s Guide To Amsterdam Coffeeshops – First Edition
Captain Hooter @ Cannabis University
Captain Hooter’s Weekend Bud Reports
Bud and Loathing – Captain Hooter at MJBIZ 2019
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Captain Hooter’s Stoney Spannabis (2018 Fake Raws, Barcelona Bud & Finding Marc)

Cannabis Interpener, Bud Hunter, Author of “The Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops”

Producer of “The Weekend Bud Report” on YouTube & Feature Writer for Cannabis Culture Magazine

Captain Hooter is a World-Wide Cannabis Connoisseur and professional cannabis interpener who has lived, traveled, and smoked all over the United States, Canada, Jamaica and Europe. Author of 2018’s “Captain Hooter’s Connoisseurs guide to the Amsterdam Coffeeshops” When a friend visiting from Canada asked him “What is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam?” He answered, “I don’t know, I haven’t been to them all…” Right there, he decided to find who the “Best of the Best” really is by visiting every single coffeeshop in Amsterdam. He visited and reviewed each shop in a similar fashion as the Michelin Guide in selecting the best restaurants. He did the exact same actions and questions in each location and purchased whatever was the best and most expensive cannabis offering that each Coffeeshop offered, as a baseline for them all. From 169 Coffeeshops reviewed, he selected 20 as “The Best of the Best”.
Since the release of his book, he has produced and hosted the weekly video series, “The Weekend Bud Report” from Amsterdam, where he selects 5 different buds from 5 different Coffeeshops and views them in HD and down to the trichome level to assist cannabis adventurers in making the best possible decisions when visiting “The ‘Dam”. He has also taken the show on road trips to Barcelona, and other cities around the Netherlands, California and Las Vegas. He has also co weed and visited live events like Spannabis, Cannafest, MaryJane Berlin and MJ BIZ CON. The Captain also participates regularly as a judge at multiple official and unofficial Cannabis Cup events around the World.