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One Man… On a Mission…
Go to EVERY SINGLE ONE of the COFFEESHOPS in AMSTERDAM in search of the
BEST of the BEST.

Multi year Cannabis Cup Judge and Worldwide Herbal Connoisseur, “Captain Hooter” is Currently researching and writing

“The Connoisseur’s Guide to the Amsterdam Coffeeshops 2018”

Every Coffeeshop in the Centrum, the North, South, East and West suburbs has been visited and reviewed BY CONNOISSEUR STANDARDS. Captain Hooter did all the work for you!

Join for The Captain’s Mailing list for the TOP SHELF info on the Book’s release date and some VIP experiences and events ahead in 2018!

You can even take the “Captain’s Challenge” and see how many Coffeeshops you can visit during your trip! Maybe you will FIND a “SECRET STASH” regularly hidden (and MOVED) by the Captain at one of the best
Coffeeshops in Amsterdam!